Success Stories

Recently, NewTechHaven Associate Business Consultants, working under the guidance and mentoring of our Executive Team, completed several real-world, business-building consulting assignments. These included:

  • Leveraging Opportunities

    Creating a detailed market analysis, pro forma P&L and staffing plan, and official grant request letter for a major nonprofit organization. The organization’s key challenge, in a world of shrinking government and grant budgets, was to invest grant money into development of a profit-generating enterprise to fund its many community service programs. The NewTechHaven team identified a range of previously -untapped opportunities for revenue generation, price leadership, and energy cost management.

  • Positioning

    Creating a new targeting, messaging, and value proposition strategy for a cloud-based, B2B technology company. The NewTechHaven solution emphasized focusing marketing and sales efforts on high priority targets with a message aimed squarely at customer and user benefits, rather than technology features.

  • Making Connections

    Identifying – and arranging initial meetings with – a range of qualified, potential business partners and customers for a device-driven technology startup. NewTechHaven’s Executive Team was able to leverage existing relationships with major companies interested in the technology while our Student Associate Business Consultants developed the detailed analytical foundation for the ensuing pitches and negotiations.

  • Building Credibility

    Developing detailed industry and consumer opportunity data to provide credibility to the next round financing document for a web-based retailer.

  • Creating Reality

    Organizing a detailed business plan and orchestrating a series of meetings and alliances with major developers and municipalities to assist a nonprofit foundation begin actual development of a multi-million dollar community service facility.