Are you an investor (or potential investor) in a small or startup business?


NewTechHaven understands that investors need to have confidence that their investment will be well treated – that their trust in the founder’s vision and capabilities is likely to be repaid with the financial return that comes from ground floor investing and the psychic return of seeing their intuition validated. Importantly, investors need to be certain that their money is being efficiently and prudently investing in building the business – generating demand, streamlining operations, innovating new products, services, and processes.

Unfortunately, leaders or founders of small businesses, for all their tenacity, determination, drive, and vision, sometimes find themselves operating with insufficient information, experience, and processes. Startups are constantly in need of legitimate plans and options for growth, improved operating performance and cash management, and, sometimes most important, a steady source of talent (proven, experienced business builders you can trust to help accelerate growth) to help them and you – get closer to “the dream.”

When one of the firms in which you have invested has engaged with NewTechHaven, you can rest assured that the firm’s business plans and strategies have been “stress tested” by our proven professionals – that a real, actionable, and affordable program to generate demand has been put in place, and that a clear, no-nonsense appreciation of cash flow and future prospects has been completed.

NewTechHaven’s professionals – our Executive Directors – thrive on immersing themselves in solving real-world business problems. In addition, NewTechHaven maintains “ready on a moment’s notice” team of student interns who can jump in, supervised by our Executive Directors, to “clean up this mess,” start or augment outbound marketing and CRM efforts, assist with programming, accounting, etc., or…whatever solution your portfolio companies’ business problems demand.

Startup businesses can access a range of valuable benefits – some of which are listed below – available through NewTechHaven or work with us on customized business solutions.

Acceleration Plan

An intensive, six-week audit of current business plans, operations, and emerging opportunities, resulting in a detailed plan to accelerate day-to-day performance and revenue growth.

“Outside-The-Box” Business Consultation

an objective, third-party, and fact-based view of a particular issue or challenge your business is facing.

NewTechHaven Associate Business Consultant Internship

On call resources to solve immediate problems. NTH executive staff will interview your manager(s), select the intern best suited for the project and, together, define the intern’s project and deliverables. NTH staff will coach and mentor the student intern to deliver high quality results while optimizing your management team’s time investment.

Business Plan Development

Converting dreams to actions, from scoping the potential of an idea, to constructing a comprehensive business plan, to providing a 3rd party analysis of an existing plan.

Demand Generation Plan

An actionable, affordable, targeted set of strategies and tactics – utilizing state-of-the-art marketing, sales, and CRM techniques – to increase demand for your product or service, convert that demand to revenue, and drive ongoing loyalty. So you can do more than pay the bills…you can accelerate growth.

Start Up Audit

An objective checklist of an emerging business’ opportunities and challenges.

Brand Value Proposition

Creation of a compelling message to key, target customers, ensuring a new business’ focus or an established brand’s relevance


In recent assignments, NewTechHaven consulting teams completed problem-solving projects that helped to accelerate growth and/or secure a new round of funding for a healthcare industry technology device developer, a major nonprofit organization, a cloud-based technology startup, a global subscription app, and a web-based retail merchant. In many cases, we also provided on-site, hands-on, affordable staffing and real-world experience for our student Associate Business Consultants.