To improve small business performance, entrepreneurial success, investor returns, and employee capabilities.


NewTechHaven provides the experience, training, and confidence that:

  • Small businesses need to accelerate growth

  • Startups need to achieve stability

  • Entrepreneurs need to energize investors

  • Students need to add value to small businesses

  • small business

    NewTechHaven delivers fact-based and detailed analytics, consulting, advice, hands-on energy and planning from a team of motivated professionals – proven, successful business-builders, positioning small and start-up businesses to improve performance, grow rapidly, and access sources of capital.


  • startups

    NewTechHaven’s team of seasoned professionals – leaders, founders, and investors in multiple small and startup firms – understand the unique problems faced by startups: Launching a business is, unfortunately, the easy part. The tough part is running it: staffing it with the right people, generating demand, converting that demand to revenue, operating efficiently, controlling costs, reacting to market realities, and making sure you don’t run out of cash. The NewTechHaven team provides real solutions to these real-world problems.


  • investors

    NewTechHaven professionals understand that raising funds, interacting with Boards, maintaining informed, consistent communication with investors, and, sometimes most important, “going back to the well,” all require focused, diligent attention. Investors need to be confident that the risks they are taking, the money they are investing, is properly and intelligently deployed to build the business.


  • students

    Students in the NewTechHaven program augment their academic experience with on-the-job performance, mentored by our team of executive directors, delivering real, measurable value to Connecticut- based businesses…and building the confidence, visibility, and contacts to position them for future success.



In recent assignments, NewTechHaven consulting teams completed problem-solving projects that helped to accelerate growth and/or secure a new round of funding for a healthcare industry technology device developer, a major nonprofit organization, a cloud-based technology startup, a global subscription app, and a web-based retail merchant. In many cases, we also provided on-site, hands-on, affordable staffing and real-world experience for our student Associate Business Consultants.