Real Solutions For Your Business

Everyone has a dream. We help make that dream come true by applying intellectual, analytical, and revenue-generating firepower, at an affordable price, to help small and startup businesses accelerate growth.

Our Mission: To improve small business performance, entrepreneurial success, investor returns, and employee capabilities.

NewTechHaven provides the experience, training, and confidence that:

1. Small businesses need to accelerate growth
2. Startups need to achieve stability
3. Entrepreneurs need to energize investors
4. Students need to add value to small businesses

Small Business Specialists

NewTechHaven is a dedicated team of small business specialists who invest the time to understand your problems and take responsibility for solving them. While we are organized as a “consultancy,” we pride ourselves on providing a lot more than simple advice. We roll up our sleeves and work together with our clients to make sure you get some real business problems solved. We’ve done this before: Each of our Executive Directors has experience building and/or investing in small and startup businesses, managing and operating them for the long-term, raising funds and meeting payroll, keeping the cash flow positive, opening new markets and launch new products, and harvesting the results.

We are not passive – each of us has “jumped in” to actually help clients succeed at trade shows, close the sale with major customers or distributors, complete and present investor pitches, negotiate leases and partnership agreements, etc. That’s what differentiates NewTechHaven – as Small Business Specialists, we do more than offer consulting advice…we solve real problems for our clients.

Investing The Time To Understand

Time is a precious resource, especially for small and startup businesses just trying to stay off life support. NewTechHaven professionals recognize the criticality of this need…we have and take the time to analyze, understand, and prioritize the problems your business faces.

Real Solutions For Your Business

Getting closer to your dream means solving a myriad of problems…financial, marketing, organizational, etc. NewTechHaven professionals take responsibility for helping to solve those problems. And, we have a proven track record of providing real, pragmatic, actionable solutions.

Getting Closer To Your Dream

Investors in small businesses need to know that the dollars they have at risk are wisely, effectively, and prudently deployed against real business problems, also known as opportunities. NewTechHaven has guided multiple firms through rounds of fund raising AND helping those firms establish a consistent level of stability.

Energizing Investors

NewTechHaven understands that running a small business sometimes feels as if you are on life support: All too often, you find yourself operating with limited or insufficient information, advice, and staff. And, you are constantly in need of legitimate plans for growth, improved operating performance & cash management…and, perhaps most important, a steady source of talent – proven, experienced business-builders you can trust to help accelerate the growth of your business – to help make your dream come true.


In recent assignments, NewTechHaven consulting teams completed problem-solving projects that helped to accelerate growth and/or secure a new round of funding for a healthcare industry technology device developer, a major nonprofit organization, a cloud-based technology startup, a global subscription app, and a web-based retail merchant. In many cases, we also provided on-site, hands-on, affordable staffing and real-world experience for our student Associate Business Consultants.