NewTechHaven’s Contribution


At NewTechHaven, an innovative student-centric initiative, we are applying a unique, pragmatic, real-world approach to nurturing entrepreneurs and innovative leaders. These students will create new businesses, help start-ups succeed, tackle the growth challenges of established enterprises and, in the process, become a highly demanded talent source for the regional business community.
NewTechHaven’s budding entrepreneurs and emerging leaders strive to be immersed in solving real-world business problems. They know that the true test is not just in the classroom but, rather, in the conference room, or on the shop floor, or in the programming bullpen. Small businesses can access a range of valuable benefits available through NewTechHaven or work with us on customized business solutions.

Acceleration Plan

an intensive, six-week audit of current business plans, operations, and emerging opportunities, resulting in a detailed plan to accelerate day-to-day performance and revenue growth.

“Outside-The-Box” Business Consultation

an objective, third-party, and fact-based view of a particular issue or challenge your business is facing.

NewTechHaven Associate Business Consultant Internship

NTH executive staff will interview your manager(s), select the intern best suited for the project and, together, define the intern’s project and deliverables. NTH staff will coach and mentor the student intern to deliver high quality results while optimizing your management team’s time investment.

Business Plan Development

from scoping the potential of an idea, to constructing a comprehensive business plan, to providing a 3rd party analysis of an existing plan.

Start Up Audit

an objective checklist of an emerging business’ opportunities and challenges.

Brand Value Proposition

ensure a new business’ focus or an established brand’s relevance


In recent assignments, NewTechHaven consulting teams completed problem-solving projects that helped to accelerate growth and/or secure a new round of funding for a healthcare industry technology device developer, a major nonprofit organization, a cloud-based technology startup, a global subscription app, and a web-based retail merchant. In many cases, we also provided on-site, hands-on, affordable staffing and real-world experience for our student Associate Business Consultants.