Are you a leader or decision maker for The State of Connecticut and its institutions of higher education?

NewTechHaven understands that you face multiple challenges in building a dynamic, energized community and economy. Among these are:

  • Strengthening higher education infrastructure
  • Retaining graduates
  • Delivering good jobs
  • Stimulating entrepreneurship
  • Increasing enrollment, yield, and revenue

NewTechHaven’s Associate Business Consultant program offers your high quality students the opportunity to gain real-world experience, tackle the growth challenges of established and startup enterprises, make valuable contacts with potential employers, investors, and partners, and become a highly-demanded talent source for the regional business community.


This can only enhance the reputation of your college as “a place where the graduates get jobs.” This reputation enhancement can deliver for your institution:

  • Increasing enrollment
    and placement
  • More high quality students
  • Improved image among all stakeholders
  • Energized alumni and corporate support
  • Higher rankings


In recent assignments, NewTechHaven consulting teams completed problem-solving projects that helped to accelerate growth and/or secure a new round of funding for a healthcare industry technology device developer, a major nonprofit organization, a cloud-based technology startup, a global subscription app, and a web-based retail merchant. In many cases, we also provided on-site, hands-on, affordable staffing and real-world experience for our student Associate Business Consultants.